Public Safety

Relative to the population of county and neighboring districts, our firefighters, police officers and sheriff deputies are understaffed, and poorly equipped. I will strive to correct these disparities to ensure our public safety professionals have the necessary resources, equipment, and personnel needed to perform their duties.

In March 2017, Governor Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency to combat the ongoing heroin epidemic in our communities. My goal is to work with State and Local agencies to create solutions to continue the fight against this epidemic.

I am aware crime continues to be an issue for many Marylanders. I will endorse common sense legislative measures to mitigate all types of crimes.

I will work to support County Executive Schuh with his reasonable approach to addressing the illegal immigration issue.  Individuals in our country illegally who commit crimes in our communities and against our citizens should be identified then turned over to immigration and customs enforcement for the appropriate action.

My previous experience in law enforcement has proven the old adage true: when seconds count, the police are minutes away. I support the individual right to keep and bear arms as well as the right to self-defense both inside and outside the home.


County officials are working to shift from large schools to local, neighborhood based schools. I will support these officials in this endeavor from within the Maryland House of Delegates.

While I support public education, I am also aware that the traditional public school systems cannot meet the needs of every child. I support our County officials’ efforts to provide a full range of options for education, including charter schools, parochial schools, independent schools, and home-schooling.

Business & Economic Development

With our proximity to Fort Meade and the NSA, the local economy is inexorably tied to these facilities. As these federal entities face mounting pressure to rein in spending in the coming years, our economy will suffer unless we support private employers.

As a small business owner, I have personally felt the impact of local taxes, fees, and regulations. I pledge to work to simplify and consolidate regulations wherever possible. While regulations are a necessary function of government, care must be taken to ensure we are not crippling businesses’ ability to operate in Maryland.

I will work in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Commerce to foster and develop new and existing small businesses within District 32.

Government & Taxation

As a conservative, I support limiting the unnecessary growth of government.